Our Services

For more than 5 years, King Sea Marine Services Service has been serving customers in the oil and gas industry as well as in associated industries like renewable.
We are renowned for our excellent crews, powerful hardware and a resolute focus on the needs of our customers – and for always delivering on our promises safely.

Our core services include:

        Anchor handling in all water depths
        Moving offshore structures such as drilling rigs and barges
        Support from offshore crane vessels
        Subsea infrastructure assistance
        Transportation of equipment to and from rigs and production units
        Installation and preset of heavy mooring systems

We are the market leader in high-end services and have extensive experience harnessing the extreme forces of ultra-deep water anchor handling.

Advanced services and projects

We aim to be the preferred partner of the oil and gas industry in providing high-end support to pioneering ventures and innovations of the offshore world. We have the technical know how, economical muscle, and a sophisticated fleet, so we can offer the right technical solutions, whatever the scale or level of difficulty.

Christmas Tree installation

We were the first in the business to offer installation of production trees by fitting high capacity subsea cranes on three of our anchor handlers, while remaining anchor handling capability. The solution saves our customers valuable rig time and significant cost reduction.
    Remotely Operated Vehicle Operations
    We pioneered the installation of mezzanine decks to use support vessels as ROV base stations.
    Harsh environment operations and iceberg management
    We have extensive experience operating under extreme conditions in the North Sea and on the East Coast of Canada.
    Extreme mooring
    We were the first company to transport and position gravity based structures of cement weighing more than a million tons. We have the fleet and experience to solve extraordinary challenges including multiple high-end supply vessels – our record is an 11-vessel simultaneous operation in Canada.
    Suction pile operations
    We have the knowledge and equipment to solve all challenges involving suction anchors.
    Renewabl / power cables
    We have entered the renewable market supporting the installation of power cables that aid the offshore wind power industry. We modify vessels to handle the cable weight of several thousand tons safely and reliably.


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